Organized football across the globe has since moved beyond bad pitches. From Europe to South America, Asia, Oceania, America and even many parts of Africa, governments and football administrators have realized that good pitches bring good and attractive football hence, the issue has been decisively tackled.

When thinking about what factors are essential for winning a game, what do you think comes up most often? People will probably mention practice and fitness levels, but pitch maintenance is probably just as important as these two things. If players don’t have a good, safe surface to play on, they’re not going to be doing their best. A poorly maintained pitch could stop players from reaching their full potential and, in a worst case scenario, it could even cause injury.

Bad pitches which result to poor performance level by players is a major  reason Nigerian players don't easily find themselves in top clubs in Europe, or best, why players from our league are desperate to go to any other league just to escape the terrible football terrain in Nigeria. 

And this is happening inspite of the abundance of talents that can be harnessed from a country with over 200 million people. 

Also, bad pitches make the game less attractive. Apart from fans being unable to enjoy the game, it also impedes  marketing of the league which these days is done majorly through match broadcasts. 

From the angle of players development, revenue generation by the government and administrators, or sponsorship and match broadcast, bad football pitches are thorns in the flesh of the game's development in our country.

Whether it be a government owned stadia which could be rented out to football clubs, or the privately owned stadia, there's a strong need to have good pitches. 

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